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Custom Made Courses

We all know Italian cuisine is one of the best in the world, so why not learn the skills to ensure once your holiday is finished you can make your own Italian dinners? 

Silvia invites you into her kitchens to learn the art of Italian cooking. 

As a part of our commitment to the environment, we ensure we will only use locally-produced, organic ingredients. This ensure the quality and the flavours are the freshest and the best possible. At the base of every dish is our exquisite extra virgin olive oil. The olives grow in the groves, just steps away from the Villa, and once a year we harvest and produce our own oil. It is organic, and exactly as it has been produced for centuries.  You will taste the difference in your final plate. 

Silvia is an excellent cook. She loves to work with the guests passing on the know-how to making the finest Italian meals. Step by step we look at the process of preparing each dish. We work together, at a speed to suit everyone. We have a lot of fun and once it is all ready, sit down together to eat and enjoy our meals together with a glass of wine. 

We can tailor the courses to you depending on your experience, or the dishes you’d like to learn. During the course you will learn the tricks of the kitchen. The best part is then amazing your friends with your new cooking skills when you return home. 


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